I1A011001 Ahmad Marzuki Rifki Membrane Physiology-bridging the Gap Between Medical Diciplines Molar Pregnancy
I1A011002 Amalia Sholiha The Correlation Between Endometrial Thickness and Outcome of In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET) Outcome
I1A011003 Dhia Raihana Rahdi Mouse Sertoli Cells Display Phenotypical and Functional Tarits of Antigen-presenting Cells in Response to Interferon Gamma
I1A011004 Dina Aulia Fakhrina Inhibition of Cytokinesis by Wiskostatin does not rely on N-WASP/Arp2/3 Complex Pathway
I1A011005 Dini Desviana Rahmayanti Use of Proton-pump Inhibitors in Early Pregnancy and The Risk of Birth Defects
I1A011006 Herla Maulita Surdhawati Lack of Assosiation Between Folate-receptor Autoantibodies and Neural Tube Defects
I1A011008 Noor Anita Rahmalia Overview of Lung Development
I1A011009 Novia Bintari Nirmalasari Decreased Respiratory Compliance in Infants Less Than or Equal to 32 Weeks Gestation , Delivered More Than 7 Days After Antenatal Steroid Theraphy
I1A011010 Novia Mulia Pertiwi Labillity for The Loss of Cryopreserved Embryos : "Location, Locatin , Location" The Wrong Death Construct
I1A011011 Zaid Hizbullah Abdul G. Z. Timing of De Novo Mutagenesis - A Twin Study of Sodium Channel Mutation
I1A011012 M. Rizky Anggriawan A trial of 17 alpha-hydoxiprogesterone Caproate to Prevent Prematury in Twins
I1A011013 Muhammad Rangga Adhityaarman Stem Cell Eye Developemet
I1A011014 Perishka Bunda Syafiie  
I1A011015 Ira Maya Randa  
I1A011016 Firdausi Riskiaviawinanda Evaluation of Day One Embry Quality in IVF Outcome
I1A011017 June Astri Nijka A Loss of Function Mutation in naPi - II a and Renal Fanconi's Syndrome
I1A011018 M. Irfan Hidayat Effect of in Ovo Electroporation on  Endogenous Gene Expression : Genome-wide Analysis
I1A011019 Firstyaprilly Wahyuningtyas In Vitro Fertilization with Preimplantation Genetic Screening
I1A011020 Rizki Amaliasari Homozygous BUB1B Mutation n Susceptibility to Gastrointestinal Neoplasia
I1A011021 Farah putriana  
I1A011022 Diane Nindiseptia Stress for Stress Tolerance
I1A011023 Rivana Beladhika Srimaulani Structural Aspects of Postnatal Lung Development-Alveolar Formation and Growth
I1A011024 Raisza Rusmiathie Noor Venous Circulation of The Bronchial Wall
I1A011025 Herly Maulida Surdhawati Inhibition of The Hedgehog Pathway in Advance Basal Cell Carcinoma
I1A011026 Amri Muhyi The Importance of Surfactant on The Development of Neonatal  Pulmonary Disease
I1A011027 Aulia Rahmah  
I1A011028 Nadia bunga kalistra Aroclor-1254 affects mRNA Polyadenylation, Translational Activation, Cell Morphology and DNA Integrity of Rat Primary Prostate Cells
I1A011029 Mahdi Aldha Mahashin Comparison of Direct and Indirect Methods of Estimating Health State Utilities for Resource
I1A011030 M. Hafiz Rahmadhani Neuroimaging Parameters in Early Open Spina Bifida Detection. Further Benefit in First Trisemeestre Screening
I1A011031 M. Tommy Prima Taruna MR Relative Fetal Lung Volume in Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
I1A011032 Aldhis Noor M Receptor Determined Susceptibility of Preimplantation Embryos to Pseudorabies Virus and Prcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus
I1A011033 Ramadhan Wibowo First Trisemester Use of Selective Seretonin Reuptake Inhibitors and The Risk of Birth Defect
I1A011034 M. Lama Longe Taher  
I1A011035 Muhammad Adli Taufik Blastocyt Embryo Transfer is Associated with a Sex-Ratio Imbalance in Favor of Male Offspring
I1A011036 M. Sahal Imaddudin A Standard System to Study Vertebrate Embryos
I1A011037 Olivia Dewi Rianti Genetic Basis for In Vivo Daptomycin Resistance in Enterococci
I1A011038 Devi Rahma Yulianti Respiratory Distress Syndrome
I1A011039 Desy Puspita Sari Postnatal Development of Alveoli
I1A011040 Azizah Selective Serotonin-reuptake Inhibitors and risk of Resistant Pulmonary of the Newborn
I1A011041 Ramadhan Maulana Hikmat  
I1A011042 Aris Dwi rahim The Safety of Metoclopramide Use in The First Trisemestre of Pregnancy
I1A011043 Ahmad Rezqy Fadhillah Lung Development and Adult Lung Diseases
I1A011044 Rizki Akbar Mujahid  
I1A011045 Cyntia Pratiwi Cardiac Tamponade After Ovarian Stimulation
I1A011046 Rijalullah M. Qayyum  
I1A011047 Ilfa Najmi Arifa Toward Lung Regeneration
I1A011048 Hayati Rizki Putri The Development of Human Embryo in The Quran, Surah Al-Mu'minun 23:12-14
I1A011050 Tika Nurullita A Functional Element Necessary for Fetal Hemoglobin Silencing
I1A011051 Fariz rahmad Ramadhan  
I1A011052 Ekky Adrianto C. G. The Effects of Teratogens on Health of Developing Human Being
I1A011053 Dewi Sartika Risk of Respiratory Morbidity in Term Infants Delivered by Elective Caesarean Section : Cohort Study
I1A011054 Hanum Nasiha Derivation of Distal Airway Ephitalium
I1A011055 Ahmad Fauzan Arifani  
I1A011056 Srisabrina Christia  
I1A011057 Desy Elisa Kismiliansari Reprogenetics : law, policy, and ethical issues
I1A011058 Khairina Collteral Damage
I1A011059 Adha Isdiyanta Putra  
I1A011060 M. Topan Widyanto BMC Developmental Biology
I1A011061 Siti Dewi Fitria Ardianti  
I1A011062 Abdul Latif Health Law, Ethics, and Human Rights
I1A011063 Agnia Safitri Mechanisms of Disease Endometriosis
I1A011064 Azizatul Aulia Epidemiological Characteristics and Resource Use in Neonates with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
I1A011065 M. Wim Adhitama Reduction in neural-tube defects after folic acid fortification in Canada 
I1A011066 Hutama Satriya Wibawa Surfactant-replacement Therapy for Respiratory Distress in The Preterm and Term Neonate
I1A011067 Dennis Yapari Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy and Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome
I1A011068 Gideon Wisnu Chrisyoga Fetal Growth and Chronic Lung Disease Among Infants Born Before The 28th Week of Gestation
I1A011069 Gren Haringka Reduced Developmental Competence of Immature, In-Vitro Matured And Postovulatory Aged Mouse Oocytes Following IVF and ICSI
I1A011070 Rizti A. Dayana  
I1A011071 Renny Utami Diseases of The Thyroid in Childhood and Adolescene
I1A011072 Citra Eva Meilyndha Clinical Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 2009
I1A011073 Bagaskhara Rifega Oktaviano Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology
I1A011074 Febby Ariza Ramadhani  
I1A011076 Rissa Dwi Rizky Syafari Lung Function in Rescue Workers at The World Trade Center after 7 Years
I1A011077 Muhammad Arief Case 24-2001 : A 36 Years Old Man with Headache , Memory Loss and Confucion
I1A011078 Shinta Putri Fidayanti Human Embrio : Biological Definition
I1A011079 Dian Septiana Assisted Reproduction-Canada's Supreme Court and The "Global Baby"
I1A011080 Ikhwanda Angga L Embryology of Oesophageal Atresia
I1A011081 M. Rizky Tri Aditya Billateral Variation of Facial Artery : a case report
I1A011082 Ahmad Maulana Puta Early Inhaled Nitric Oxide Therapy in Premature Newborns with Respiratory Failure
I1A011083 Silvia Manurung Major Congenital Malformations After First-three Semestre Exposure to ACE Inhibitors
I1A011084 Alvisha Nadhila Ramadhinta Derivation of Embryonic Stem-cell Line from Human Blastocysts
I1A011085 Adek Yeary Wardhani Ethic of Stensel Research
I1A011086 Adiba Clinical Effectiveness of Elective Single versus Double Embryo Transfer : Meta-analysis of Individual Patient Data From Randomised Trials
I1A011087 Binsar Maywalesa P.  
I1A011088 Yusrina Rahmadini The Long-term effects of in utero exposures - DES story
I1A011089 Selvia Wijayanti The Burden of Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in Young Children
I1A011090 M. Rizal Nurhadi
I1A011091 Hayatun nufuz Therapeutic Cloning
I1A011092 Mardhiyah Hayati Case Records of The Massachusetts General Hospital
I1A011093 Rizky Yopita Soraya Characterization of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Secretome at Early Steps of Adipocyte and Osteoblast Differentiation
I1A011094 Noor Rizkia Amalia A Mossaic Activating Mutation in AKTI Associated with Proteus Syndrome
I1A011095 Muhammad Mirza Taking Advantage of Multiple Froxen Embryo Transfers to Maximize Pragnancies from one Ovarian Stimulation Cycle
I1A011096 Bachrul Alam Arriza In Vitro Fertilization with Single Blastocyt-stage versus Single Cleavage-stage Embryos
I1A011097 Yoggy Prabowo Ventilatory Responses to Inhaled Carbon Dioxide, Hypoxia, and Exercise in Idiopathic Hyperventilation
I1A011098 Siti Adjar Novika Wulandari The Developmental Basis of an Evolutionary Diversification of Female Gametophyte Structure in Piper and Piperaceae
I1A011099 Miftah Najib External Gills and Adaptive Embryo Behavior Facilitate Synchronous Development and Hatching Plasticity Under Respiratory Constrain
I1A011100 Ria Astria  
I1A011101 Dita Yuliasari Melatonin Increases the Expression of Insullin-like Growth Factor 1 Rats with Carbontetachlorid-induced Hepatic Damage
I1A011102 Vini Yulia Anhar A Request for Retrieval of Oocytes from a 36 Years Old Woman with Anoxic Brain Injury
I1A011103 Dwi Prasada Excession Analysis of Asthma Candidate Genes During Human and Morinelung Development
I1A011104 Rohma Helyati Preimplementation Diagnosis for Genetic Susceptibility
I1A011105 Ahmad Amanan Evidence for Human Lung Stem Cells
I1A011106 Farizka Erianti  
I1A011107 Philipus Aria S.  



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